Home Assistant on FreeBSD

I maintain a fork of Home Assistant that runs on FreeBSD.

So far, I have managed to have new releases merged within a few days of their official release. The fork is necessary because of the shortsighted dependency on Bleak, which does not work on FreeBSD, and the project’s unwillingness to allow a platform check on its use. My fork disables BLE functionality (which I don’t need and never will).

Also, the HA maintainers are powertripping robots who are hell-bent on nullifying the only benefit of the project being written in Python (native cross-platform functionality), which is otherwise godawfully slow for such a complicated piece of software, and a headache-inducing disaster to write for at this scale.

Longer term, I am working on a Golang rewrite of HA’s core, which will support HA’s websocket protocol and thus be able to use its frontend. This will obviously run on FreeBSD, and may never be finished, though thus far it is the longest I have stuck with an unfinished project through the usual ebb and flow of activity. Spite is a powerful motivator!