The Cloud

Like many others, I want to be reborn as a Cloud-native. Every morning I wake up and pray to The Cloud. The Cloud is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. The Cloud will save us.

Some people think that a technology without a cloud component isn’t totally useless. I disagree. I think that even the simplest of kitchen implements should require you to join to a WiFi network, and then every single command must make a round trip from your phone, to some serverless hundreds of miles away, and back to the device. Local control just doesn’t make any sense! It’s unconscionable if your customer can continue to use your product after your company ceases to exist, or your internal roadmap changes. Customers should be forced either to endure the pain of your demise, or to buy the latest offering, even if it is inferior in every way since you decided that the consumer was confused by having 3 speeds to choose from, and therefore should only have one.

That’s the capitalist way.