Pie Without Cheese...

Is like a kiss without a squeeze. And it’s true. Buckle up for the rare gastro post.

Anyway, I had always heard of this combination before, but I guess I had never ventured in. Tonight, I learned the degree to which this was a mistake on my part.

Yesterday, I picked up a deliciously spicy apple pie (along with a baguette, a wedge of Délice de Bourgogne, and a wedge of Fior d’Arancio) from my friends over at Quonnie Farms, who just had their opening weekend for their stand. Today, I realized that I had a block of delicious Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar in the fridge. And thus my eyes were opened to how exquisite this combination is. Paired with some creamy Coquito that my coworker made me, and it certainly feels like the holidays are in full swing.

By the way, both of these cheeses are just so damn good. The Bourgogne especially just gets better with every bite. Let to soften up a bit and spread on good French bread, it’s just heaven.

Posted on November 22, 2021