Georgia Bill

Georgia Senate Bill 202 is an abomination. This disgusting piece of racist tripe flies in the face of everything this country has worked to achieve.

And it’s so blatant! Criminalizing the provision of water and food to voters waiting in line? Lines that are long due to precisely the same voter suppression forces behind this law?

Lacking empathy of any kind, the only thing Republicans understand are consequences that hit close to home. Economic consequences are a great start. Call Coca-Cola. (800) 438-2653. Tell them you won’t be buying any of their shit until something is done, either by their hand or someone else’s. Feel free to stay away from other Georgia brands, too.

The GOP is terrified that demographics are changing, and the natural progression of such change in this country points toward them becoming more irrelevant by the day. Let’s try to limit the damage that the caged animals can do.

Posted on March 26, 2021